For those who registered for the Hebrew Proficiency Test (YAEL) independently of the Psychometric Entrance Test

The YAEL with special accommodations is administered on the date noted on the registration form, or during the three weeks after it. Notification of the exact date will be sent to registrants.

Special test accommodations for YAEL are given in cases of a learning disability related to reading or writing, a developmental attention deficit disorder, or a physical or mental disability.

A request to take the YAEL with special test accommodations may be sent only after registering for the test.

Detailed instructions for submitting a request for special test accommodations.

Please note: Those applying because of a reading or writing disability must send a current evaluation of their reading and writing functioning in Hebrew.

For those who registered for the Hebrew Proficiency Test (YAEL) in addition to the Psychometric Entrance Test with special accommodations

Examinees who take the PET with special accommodations in a language other than Hebrew are eligible to take the YAEL with special accommodations one time, from the next test date onward, at no additional cost. Once they have taken the PET with special accommodations, examinees will receive a letter explaining how to register for YAEL with special accommodations.

Please note: It is not possible to take both the PET and the YAEL with special accommodations on the same test date.